Who are the latest WAKO British Champions?

British titles were recently decided at the WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) British Championships in Nottingham.

It was a record breaking weekend in terms of competitors and the perfect warmup for British fighters heading to this weekend's headline kickboxing event, the Irish Open.

Household names Elijah Everill (-79KG), Chris Aston x2 (-94KG, +94KG) and Natasha Baldwin x2 (-65KG PF & LC) were expectedly atop the rostrum whilst there were also a host of new and old names across the podiums.

Macy Wood made it a weekend to remember with a triple crown by taking victory in the Points Fighting (-70KG) and Light Contact (-70KG, +70KG) divisions.

There was also double success for Callum Hollinshead at -84 and -89KG, in the first instance having defeated Alexander Yeats who was also runner up to Elijah Everill at -79KG.

Further double titles were claimed by Michael McRoberts (-63KG, -69KG), Scott Brewer (-74KG, -79KG), Gilles Brown (-84KG, -89KG) and Adrianna Krygier (-55KG PF & LC).

The remaining individual Points Fighting British titles went to Ethan Kerr (-57KG), Sam Sparks (-63KG), Jack Buckley (-69KG), George Peploe (-74KG), Chloe Davies (-50KG), Carla-Anta Tsoungui (-60KG) and Frankie Ashton (+70KG),

Light Contact (continuous) honours were taken by Tennessee Randall (-60KG), Marcin Mazur (-94KG) and heavyweight Reece Phillips (+94KG)

Image Source EMS Photos UK