What is Kickboxing?

It's one of the most popular fighting sports in the world, providing countless amazing athletes and some of the most entertaining sports stars around. But what exactly is Kickboxing, and what makes it so popular?

Origins -

Kickboxing combines a group of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from Karate and Muay Thai. Kickboxing is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.

Kickboxing today -

Modern day kickboxing can take many forms, there are a broad spectrum of classes available, ranging from fitness based 'kickboxercise' or 'cardio kickboxing' to more traditional classes which focus on self defense or competition (semi-contact or full contact) fighting.

Governance -

There are several 'World Governing Bodies' who claim to run the sport at world level. Namely WAKO (World Associations of Kickboxing Organisations) and the WKA (World Kickboxing Association). Each body normally holds it's own 'World Championships' and has sub-organisations who hold competitions in their respective countries. It is widely accepted that WAKO is the largest organisation.

In the UK -

There is no front running 'National Governing Body' (NGB) in England. Though WAKO, WKA, WKC, WKKC and the BKC all have a presence. Most also run their own competitions, details of which can be found online.

Get Involved -

There are many Kickboxing organisations offering classes throughout the UK. Normally your local gym will also run a class. Be sure to check the qualifications of your instructor, and most importantly ensure they are trained in first aid, health & safety and are DBS checked.

We love Kickboxing due to the explosive style of the competitors. It's popularity may also come from it's flexibility. There are so many different ways to train depending on what sort of benefits you are looking to gain. It's definitely a martial art we recommend trying out.

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