Elijah Everill. The World's best Point Fighter?

British Kickboxing star Elijah Everill has just won the Grand Championship Title at the Bristol Open to make it an incredible total of ten open weight wins in just one year. In doing so, he also became the first male in history to retain his title.

These extraordinary figures a paint a picture of complete dominance in his field. For Elijah, this success has come as no surprise, he told martialarts-online:

"I work extremely hard and have dedicated my life to this sport. I go to tournaments expecting to win.

If you don’t go in there expecting to win, you shouldn’t be taking part in competitive sport."

Each of the ten titles have come with their own challenges, something the Team Allstar's fighter has relished.

"Every opponent brings something different to the table, so I approach each fight differently. It will all depend on who the opponent is and their style.

"Some opponents will be better at certain things than others so I have to bring out the appropriate tools needed for each one and just follow the game plan.

"I try not to worry about the difficulty of the opponent, everyone is going to be good if they have reached the grand champion final. I just focus on myself performing to the best of my ability. If I do that, then I know I’m always capable of winning."

According to Elijah, the secret to his success couldn't be more simple.

"I’ve just done the same things that I have always done. I put in the work and I put in the time.

"Some people forget that I’ve just turned 21 because I was fighting in the senior divisions as a junior. My 'dominance' is just down to natural progression over time. Hard work, dedication, day in day out.

As for being considered the best points fighter currently in the world, he has plans to keep on improving his standing. He continued:

"It doesn’t matter if I agree with it or not.

"Of course I’m happy to be considered among the best, but my goal is to keep working and keep winning until that becomes a question that no longer needs asking."

"I’ll keep working to be better every day because I’m never satisfied.

"I want to reach a level where I’m that good, nobody even bothers registering in my division because it’s a waste of their time, money and effort. A level where I can just turn up to a competition and win without even fighting.

"I want people to avoid fighting me like the plague."

As for what's next. The world's form point fighter has one specific goal.

"Right now, my attention is on the WAKO World Championships in November. Then I’ll turn my attentions to the new season in 2020.

"Irish Open Grand Champion 2020 is the dream. I visualise it every day."