The one where Vitali Klitschko gets knocked out

You may or may not already know about Vitali Klitschko's Light Contact Kickboxing career, but here is the video of his 1992 WAKO European Championship final bout with Pele Reid.

Klitschko, who went on to become the Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World in an era of dominance with his younger brother Wladimir, was first and foremost a Kickboxer.

Competing in the +89KG Light Contact division, Vitali twice reached the WAKO European Final only to lose out to Pele Reid (1992) and William van Roosmalen (1995) respectively.

British heavyweight Reid, who also went on to forge a professional Boxing career, is seen here defeating the 6"7 Ukrainian in their 1992 match up with a spinning heel kick to the jaw.

It was the loser, Vitali on this occasion who went on to achieve a 45-2 professional record between 1996-2012, including winning the WBO, WBA and WBC Heavyweight belts. The one time British prospect and WAKO World Champion (1992 & 1992) Reid was a little less successful in the boxing ring with a record of 20-6 with two draws.

Light Contact Kickboxing remains one of the most popular combat sports in the World. International and national competitions are regularly held across the globe, whilst WAKO last year celebrated being recognised by the International Olympic Committee.