The ONE - Grand Champion Points Fighter Roland 'Royal' Veres talks to Martial Arts Online

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We caught up with Kiraly Team's Roland 'Royal' Veres, currently one of the most dominant points fighters in Europe.

Fresh from winning FOUR titles at the Pointfighting Cup in Milan, he talks about his recent successes and looks forward to the upcoming Hungarian World Cup.


"Currently I don’t feel the motivation to win my own division. The fighters in my weight division aren’t pushing me"


MAO - Hi Roland, thanks for agreeing to talk to Martial Arts Online. Would you like to expand on some of your recent success?

RRV - "My pleasure. I would say that in particular, Macedonia was a big pleasure for me. It was the first time I had fought in the ring. Fighting in the ring is a completely different world. I had to train really hard and formulate a new game plan. Thankfully this worked, and I won to gain another WAKO European title.

The world championships in Budapest was the best I have attended so far, it was so professional. To be able to win in Hungary was my dream, I had a lot of fights throughout the week and I successfully won 4 golds in my home town. Becoming the first ever fighter to do this in WAKO history, I feel very proud to of achieved this.

MAO - Tell us more about the World Championship victories, did you expect to win 4 titles?

RRV - "Being a home event, I felt some pressure. This was good for me because I felt like it made me fight at my optimum level. Fighting at the World Championships in my own country gave me more desire to win. I have fought at 4 hard tournaments already this year where I wanted to win the grand champion event."

MAO - Do the Grand Champion titles mean the most to you?

RRV - "Currently I don’t feel the motivation to win my own division. The fighters in my weights aren’t pushing me. Winning the grand champion event makes me excited to compete, I love the challenge."

MAO - What events are you currently looking forward to?

RRV - "The Hungarian World Cup. It gets bigger and bigger each year, as every year more fighters from all over the World come and take part. I hope more than 3,000 fighters will come to this years event. There is a new venue which is really good for the event. I am sure that people will absolutely love it.

For me, the Hungarian World Cup is the biggest tournament this year. Like many people, I couldn’t attend the Irish Open because of the snow. This year, I want to win more than 6 golds in my own town. I would say that it will be the biggest tournament out of all WAKO world series events taking place this year."

MAO - What is it like to be a part of the Kiraly team?

RRV - The Kiraly team is without a doubt one of the most successful teams in the world. We have produced so many great fighters such as Zsolt Mórádi and Krisztián Jároszkievicz. They will help organise the Hungarian World Cup, which is why it's so great because they make the event exactly what fighters want.

MAO - Your brothers are also tough competitors, how are they getting on?

RRV - Yes, my brothers are really good fighters I hope they also win. Alex just came back after one year and beat one of the best fighters in the UK, Elijah Everill. I'm so happy for him. Ritchie has had many great wins and in the USA last week fighting at the Ocean State Grand Nationals.

MAO - Who will your biggest opponents be?

RRV - I think my biggest opponent will be the 89kg World and European Champion Roman Bründl from Austria, he is a very strong fighter. I am training really hard every day, I do it because I want be the best in the World. I’m 19 years now and I’ve proven I’m one of the best fighters at the moment but I still need to learn a lot.

MAO - How will you prepare for the World Cup?

RRV - I won’t change my training for the World Cup. I keep my eyes on the prize each day and that keeps me focused to win. The next tournament is Austria classics next weekend, there is a strong chance I will fight Roman Bründl. So, I will have a strong game plan to beat him with my coaches Istvan Kiraly and Krisztián Jároszkievicz. After Austrian Classics, I will attend the rest of the WAKO World Series events, Hungarian World Cup, Best Fighter (Italy) and finally Flanders Cup (Belgium).

MAO - Good luck at all those events, and thanks for talking to us.

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