The benefits of skipping in Martial Arts

Everyone will at some point have seen a martial artist 'skipping' during their training. Is this something you overlook in your training? Or do you consider it a vital ingredient? Lets take a look at the benefits of utilising the simple jump rope...

Key Benefits:

  • Cost effective

  • High calorie burner

  • Improved agility & speed

  • Effective endurance training

A skipping rope is one of the cheapest pieces of equipment available, yet it can provide endless hours of effective training to all martial artists.

Prolonged skipping is an intensive workout which could burn up to 800 calories per hour. It also helps you to become light on your feet which can help with your footwork, something extremely important in all of the fighting martial arts.

People may argue that skipping could become monotonous, we'd recommend incorporating skipping into a current workout rather than using it as stand alone session.

Lets take a look at different techniques you can use to keep your training varied.

How to:

  • Basic jump: Use both feet to jump over the skipping rope, on the spot, continuously. Try and master this for at least a few minutes non-stop before moving on,

  • Jog Skip: Try to simulate running in this technique. By skipping with one foot at a time.

  • Alternate feet: This is the same technique as the basic jump but alternating feet.

  • Criss-cross: Cross your arms in front of you whilst jumping. The left hand moves towards the right hip, and the right hand towards the lefts hip, like putting your hands in the opposite pockets. This must be done quickly without overthinking. It takes some time to get right, but you’ll nail it eventually.

  • Double under: Make sure to jump higher than usual. Pass the rope twice under your feet with each jump instead of the usual once.

Try your own skipping workout by mixing the above techniques to create a high calorie burning exercise which will improve endurance, agility and speed.We hope you've found this article useful, we'd love to hear your feedback across any of our social media channels.

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