Team England dominate the 10th WKC World Championships

Led by double winners Daniel Balch and Alex Barrowman Jr, Team England totally dominated the 10th World Kickboxing Council World Championships in Manchester.

Every points fighting title was claimed by an English competitor with the single exception of +48yrs Mens -85KG, where William Gemmill from Scotland took victory ahead of German Manfred Molter.

At -75KG, Daniel Balch took the Gold medal from his teammate Leon Gold. Alex Barrowman Jr retained his title once again in another all English final, defeating Ashley Brown at -85KG.

Gareth Beddow defeated Lee Murray in the -90KG and the English medals were rounded out by Nathan Rollin and Benjamin Child who claimed 1st and 2nd respectively at +90KG.

Gold, Silver and Bronze went to English trio Lianne Jones, Jaden Harris and Nicola Gemmil in the Ladies -55KG, but Jaden managed to go one better at -60KG, taking the Gold ahead of compatriot Bethany Jones.

Jones herself also went one better, this time at -70KG, beating Lianne Jones in the final.

In the Mens +35yrs unified division, Sam Lund became World Champion by defeating Haddu Hamed Moh from the Canary Islands. Danny Trozzi took on and beat Derek Thomson at +42yrs -85KG, with Darren Bevis repeating the feat in the +85KG, taking Gold ahead of Scotland's Richard Murray. Trevor Felix rounded off the English landslide with Gold in +48yrs, +85KG.

Sam Spencer claimed is first senior world title in the Light Contact. He took Gold ahead of Jack Thompson at under 70KG. Daniel Balch made his a double delight, again by defeating Leon Gold at -75KG.

Another double Gold was confirmed by Alex Barrowman Jr who comfortably dispatched Egyptian competitor Belal Mohab Nasr in the -80KG division. Lee Murray and Nathan Rollin added a Gold each in -85KG and +90KG respectively.

Jaden Harris won two of three medals in the Ladies Light Contact divisions. She inflicted defeats on Rana Darwish from Egypt and Samantha Jopling from England to confirm her success.

Finally, Sarah Donnelly reigned supreme at -65KG, defeating her England teammate Emmadee Fox to take Gold.

Image Source - Rupinder Basi