Neck strength programme tailored to combat sports athletes is launched by MMA pioneer Rosi Sexton

October 20th sees the launch of Neck Strength Masterclass, a new strength and conditioning programme designed from the ground up for combat sports athletes.

The programme, released under Sexton's 'Combat Sports Clinic' brand, takes a new look at existing methods for neck strength training and introduces sport-specific drills for grappling and striking arts.

Sexton is no stranger to neck issues, having suffered two serious neck injuries during her fighting career, and her decision to put this programme together was motivated by her difficulty in finding a true authority on neck function in combat sports:

"I decided that if I couldn't find a complete answer to this problem, I'd create my own. I've collected some of the best ideas about neck strengthening that I've seen, adapted others, and developed a few of my own."

Amongst Combat Sports Clinic's success stories is Michael Younis, who returned to the cage in September at light-heavyweight with a fearsome first-round stoppage in his first professional MMA bout at GTFP10 in September.

He fights at middleweight at Cage Warriors 98 in Birmingham, but in March his career was in jeopardy when he suffered three herniated discs in a 'catastrophic' training injury:

"I can only describe [Rosi] as a sorceress...she took me from being in a hospital, excruciating pain, on fighting - within six months."

Combat Sports Clinics also sponsors UFC fighters Tom Breese and Molly McCann, former GB Judo Olympian Sophie Cox, and IBJJF medallist Bradley Hill, alongside a host of other top-level athletes. The programme is available via online access and DVD at