Michael Page is bringing fireworks to Dublin - Richard Kiely should fear his wrath

MMA star Michael 'Venom' Page tomorrow steps back into the cage to take on Irishman Richard Kiely at Bellator Dublin, and he's ready to bounce back with style.

Page's last matchup was a knockout defeat at the hands of former Welterweight world champion Douglas Lima, and he'll be desperate to return to winning ways.

Richard Kiely is, like Page, a former Kickboxer but is relatively inexperienced in MMA with a record of 3 victories and one loss. In contrast, 'MVP' remains one of the most talented fighters on the Bellator roster and he'll be looking to improve on his 14-1 record.

6'3" Page is a huge bookies favourite, but that hasn't stopped underdog Kiely from talking up his chances. He believes his Freestyle Kickboxing background (the same as MVP) will help him overcome the daunting style of Page. He told Pundit Arena:

“He [Page] hasn’t fought anyone who has my movement, my dynamism, and my one-shot knockout power. He has fought guys who are static who allow him to dictate the distance. If you can dictate the distance you can dictate the fight.

“He has fought kickboxers in kickboxing. But that’s with 10oz gloves and that’s with people stopping him every time he scores a point. This time nobody’s stopping it."

There's no doubt that the bold Irishman really believes he can pull off the shock victory, however his martial arts background simply does not stack up to his opponent's.

Richard Kiely and Michael Page both competed in Freestyle Kickboxing. Page was one of the very best, whereas Kiely was not even close - unfortunately for the plucky underdog, it seems like things are the same way in MMA.

Image Source - Michael 'Venom' Page