Key bodyweight exercises for powerful punching

Aside from deadlifts and landmine rotations if you have minimal or no equipment then these 4 bodyweight exercises will help you develop a stronger core

Strong Core = Powerful punches

Firstly remember these three key points:

  • Strength training in any form is supplemental to correct punching technique and this is made better by practicing punching in its many forms from shadow boxing to bag work.

  • Proper punching technique is a sequence of proper engagement of the correct muscles at the correct time in the correct sequence

  • Most of the important muscles for correct and powerful punching are located in your lower extremities

1. Ab Wheel Roll

This exercise is a stable diet of many fighters and quite the obliques and rectus abdominis by placing emphasis on the muscles to resist spine extension, planks will also do this. . You will also get a workout in the deltoids, pectoral and lat muscles.

To add extra tension and demand, start the exercise from the standing position and return to the same.

2. Bird dog

It is key to strengthen the transverse abdominis, the innermost layer of abdominal muscles which play a big role in trunk stability. Research has shown that the bird dog exercise shows high activation in targeting the transverse abdominis.

3. Side Bridge

An often neglected exercise yet it places low pressure on the spine and improves trunk stabilisation by heavily activating the obliques

4. Dead Bug

A great trunk exercise for targeting the transverse abdominis and spinal erector. Improving stability and contralateral limb engagement.