How to overcome an aggressive attacker in sparring

When coming up against a fighter who likes to press forward with sharp strikes or kicks in sparring, there is something thing you can do to help turn the tide in your favour.

'Faking' or feinting is a skill which allows you to draw your opponent off balance, break their timing, and generally put them off their attack.

In these circumstances, it sometimes feels impossible to get your opponent to move back. You can use faking skills to disrupt their rhythm and cause them to hesitate.

The 'feint' can be defined as:

'A movement with deceptive intention'.

When you show your opponent an intention to do something, but then you do something different.

Common examples of feinting are pretending to throw a punch but then not doing so, or pretending to move in one direction but then going the other.

There are many other benefits of using feints in a fight. They help you to control the pace of the fight, they create opening for counterattacks, and they could also give you a psychological advantage.

The most important thing to remember is that you must always do something different to what is expected.

Once you've perfected feinting to improve your sparring game, try working on your defensive timing to come back at your opponent with counterattacks.