Sponsorship in Martial Arts - How do i get one?

It's something of a difficult subject in the martial arts, how do athletes get sponsorship and what can I do to stand the best chance of landing my own sponsor?

Contrary to popular belief, sponsorship is not just about winning. Of course, the most successful athletes to tend to have more joy commercially, but this is not always the case, and it's the only thing you can do to get companies on board.

Traits such as loyalty, sportsmanship and kindness are also taken into consideration by some brands, not to mention a busy & active social media profile. Read below some of our tips on getting noticed by potential sponsors.

  • Social Media Presence - Sponsors want to know they'll receive good exposure for their money. Ensuring you've got active and engaging social media pages is vital. (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram are the main ones!)

  • Display Sportsmanship - Brands want to be associated with the right kind of people. Athletes with a bad reputation are unlikely to get wide ranging support from the business sector.

  • Treat your sponsors well - If you are lucky enough to get sponsors on board, give them the exposure they are looking for, and more. Post your appreciation on social media, engage with their posts and share their content. Other companies may see the effort you are putting in for your sponsor and decide you are what they are looking for.

  • Brand loyalty - If you have a particular company in mind, buy their products, share posts of yourself using their equipment, let them know you are not just in it for the money.

  • Train hard - Although athlete glory is not the only thing sponsors are interested in, it certainly helps. Sponsors want to be associated with success and so training hard and getting good results will make it easier to attract sponsorship.

  • Keep it local - A business from your local community may be much more likely to provide you with sponsorship. Coverage in the local press and media is much easier to achieve and therefore it could be beneficial to you and a local organisation to come to a sponsorship agreement.

Sponsorship can really help a martial artist pursue their dreams, whether it be financial contributions for international competitions, or providing much needed equipment to support training.

It's currently unlikely in martial arts that you'll find a sponsor willing to financially support full time training, however, any sponsorship small or large is something to always be appreciated?

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