Gold Rush for Team England at Kickboxing World Championships

There was further success for the England Kickboxing team, this time at the World Karate & Kickboxing Commission World Championships held at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

WKKC England, headed up by martial arts legend and world renowned referee Joe Tierney, were in fine form, racking up an impressive total of ten gold medals in the senior Light Contact and Points Fighting divisions.

Eight of those medals came in the Light Contact (Continuous) divisions, where recent IPPON Grand Champion Hayden Lindley continued his recent good form, by taking the world title at -70KG, defeating Northern Irish fighter Philip Byrne.

Elliot Moore and Scott Mooney added further Gold, both beating Irish competitors Sajad Bakhshi and Sean Lynch in the -60KG and +90KG respectively.

Team England dominated the Ladies Light Contact sections, with Chloe Love (-55KG), Jade Humphries (-60KG), Heather Wheal (-70KG) and Helen Codney (+70KG) all taking the Gold medal and World Championship title.

In the points fighting, Lianne Jones claimed gold in the -50KG, winning over Emma McGilloway from Northern Ireland. Rachel Harrington doubled up for England after beating compatriot Chloe Love at -55KG weight category.

Craig Harrington rounded out the English gold's by defeating the USA's Chris Gorham in the -75KG. Further podium places and medals went to:

Light Contact:

Bethany Jones (Silver)

Lianne Jones (Bronze)

Nicoletta Uras (Bronze)

Laura Wylde (Silver)

Danielle Allsopp (Silver)

Carley Flynn (Bronze)

Thomas Ziesler (Silver)

Points Fighting:

Chloe Love (Silver)

Jade Humphries (Bronze)

Laura Wylde (Bronze)

Carley Flynn (Silver)

Heather Wheal (Bronze)

Megan Smith (Silver)

Helen Cooney (Bronze)

Elliot Moore (Bronze)

Hayden Lindley (Silver)

David Baldwin (Silver)

Overall, including the forms, weapons, and children's sections, team England accumulated a huge total of 69 Gold medals, 42 Silver medals, and 62 Bronze medals.

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Image Source - WKKC England