Giving martial arts enthusiasts an Xplosive cutting edge

A leading Yorkshire metal fabricator and laser cutting specialist is helping to put an up and coming martial arts weapons manufacturer on the map.

Chloe Crawford set up Xplosive Weaponry in Peterlee a year ago producing equipment such as bo staffs and nunchucks used in martial arts freestyle competitions and exhibitions. Now, thanks to a chance conversation with fellow martial arts enthusiast Duncan Perry, Assembly Foreman at Yorkshire Laser and Fabrications (YLF), she is also able to offer her customers customised kamas.

The blunt-bladed pick-like implements are used in exhibitions and competitions. One of the UK’s leading metal cutting companies, YLF specialise in producing bespoke items to meet customers’ exact needs and with the flexibility to handle both

As a result of Chloe’s conversation with Duncan, she is now producing a range of the kamas which are sold and used in pairs, with the handles customised to martial arts clubs’ colours.

“Chloe and I were just chatting at a training session one day when she mentioned the kamas and it occurred to me that they were something we could do at Yorkshire Laser,” said Duncan.

“She designs them and provided us with an old blade and a drawing. We then created the technical drawings and computerised file to enable us to laser cut the blades to her brief.”

Initially YLF produced small orders of six pairs of blades at a time but as word has got around attracting interest from larger clubs, those have grown with a bulk order of 20 pairs recently being produced.

Xplosive Weaponry is one of only two companies in the UK manufacturing martial arts equipment and customising it to club’s and individual competitors’ requirements.

“We started out about a year ago and the business is going really well. We mainly sell to the UK and Ireland but have the capability to supply to further afield if needed,” commented Chloe.