Fight like a Girl! - Sword Sensation Jesse Jane Mcparland talks to Martial Arts Online

After recently smashing over 100 million video views, Jesse Jane Mcparland of Britains Got Talent fame talks to us about what she's been up to since roaring her way onto Britain's TV screens in 2015.

Jesse Jane, known commonly as JJ Golden Dragon, is clearly a young athlete with a huge passion for her sport. As well as starring in viral videos, JJ competes in WAKO kickboxing, taking part in weapons forms and points fighting competitions. Naturally, she can now call herself a World Champion.


"Always love what you do. If you have a dream or passion, follow it whatever it is"


MAO - Hi Jesse, obviously you smashed your way into the spotlight on Britains Got Talent 2015, but what have you been up to since then?

JJ - "I have been so busy, I was recently in China on Human TV, the Bercy martial arts festival in Paris and a documentary in Germany. On top of all that, I starred in the BBC's 'My Life' as ninja girl.

We've been working on a project in LA which has taken up a chunk of my time, but I still managed to compete at the Belgrade open and the WAKO senior world championships, and had a featured role on the massive TV series 'Into the Badlands'. I was also asked to come back for the BGT celebration show in Liverpool which was a fantastic experience.

Most amazingly, I was on the very popular Ellen Degeneres show after one of my videos from the WAKO world championships went to 99 million views. It has since reached over 100 million views which is absolutely unbelievable.

Very soon I am flying to Bangkok to perform for WAKO at the sports accord event, and I'm really looking forward to it as I love performing my sport."

MAO - When did you first start training in martial arts, and who with?

JJ - "I first started training in Newry Taekwondo with Mr Farrell. This is were I fell in love with the sport and martial arts.

Soon I wanted to learn more and that's when I started WAKO kickboxing (aged 6). Here I began learning weapons, forms and points fighting with my other coaches Gary Kelly and David Moore.

I also take part in other sports to help me along. I do trampoline with Tirna franicie craven and gymnastics with excel club Peter and Sinead. This varied training brings further benefits to my martial arts performance."

MAO - Are there any particular martial artists that have inspired you?

JJ - "I have always adored Jackie Chan. He is very funny but also an incredible actor and martial artist.

The story of his life inspired me so much as he overcame adversity to become a huge success. I would say he is my idol."

MAO - What are you main aims for your future in martial arts?

JJ - "One day I hope I will be able to compete in the Olympics and represent my country in the sport I love. My association, WAKO are close to making this happen and helping make this dream become a reality.

There are a lot of people working hard so young people like me can have this opportunity.

Like my idol Jackie Chan, I would love to be in action films, doing my own stunts etc. Until then, I will just keep training and doing what I love."

MAO - Finally, you are an inspiration to many young martial artists around the country. Do you have any words of advice for those who want to become a world champion like yourself?

JJ - "Always love what you do. if you have a dream or passion, follow it whatever it is.

Work hard, treat everyone with kindness and always have fun along the way. You never know, someday I could be voting for you on Britains Got Talent."

Thanks JJ for taking the time to talk to us.

See the below video to see Jesse in action -

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