Chris Boughey's Combat League is set to grow

Kickboxing clubs from across the country once again descended on the George H Carnall Center in Manchester, as Chris Boughey's NWCKB hosted their third Combat League tournament at the end of September.

Fighters from some of the top kickboxing teams in the UK went to head to head, including squads from Alex Barrowman's BCKA, Luke Burks X Martial Arts, Dean Imbusch's UFMA and Ian Hollet's Hurricane squad.

The array of talent led to an entertaining day with many current world champions going head to head in some memorable bouts, including some edge of the seat finals.

According to Chris, this tournament is going to go from strength to strength.

"Our third annual combat league was bigger and better than ever. This was also reflected in the trophies kindly sponsored by Darlington EMS.

"Joe Tierney did a fantastic job as chief referee. In 2019 we want to go even bigger. We'll be inviting at least five more fight squads.

"Watch this space."