Alex Veres and Federica Trovalusci reign supreme at the WON

Hungarian fighter Alex Veres reigned supreme with Italian Federica Trovalusci at the 2020 Watford Open Nationals, each taking home three titles.

Alex took the Mens Grand championship by beating home heavyweight Chris Aston in the final, whilst twice beating Brit Craig Harrington in the final of the -79 and -84KG point fighting divisions.

Italian Federica claimed the women's Grand Champion title along with two divisional titles, taking the win in both the -50KG and -55KG.

Borislav Radulov from Bulgaria also had a successful trip, taking home point fighting titles in both -57 and -63 categories

There was a home win for Sam Sparks at -69KG over compatriot Sami Jassim. George Peploe took the -74KG title with a win over Keiren Sealey from Wales.

Grand Championship runner up, heavyweight Chris Aston defeated Matt Broadbent to take the +89KG Gold medal.

In the Ladies Point Fighting, Tennessee Randall, Atlanta Hickman and Macy Wood claimed -60KG, -65KG and +65KG wins respectively.

In the Light Contact divisions, there were Gold medals for Joe Brooks (-63KG), Welshman Jordan Williams (-69KG), Archie Morrell (-74KG), Sean Wanless (-79KG), Marcin Mazur (-89KG) and heavyweight Reece Phillips (+89KG).

Adrianna Krygier (-55KG), Tennessee Randall (-60KG), Kerela Richards (-65KG) and Macy Wood (+65KG) took the ladies divisional titles.

Image Source (EMS Photos UK)